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Professional Experience

50 years of experience with geomatics, involving (GPS) surveying, topographic, Alta, construction layout, deed research, title surveys, route surveys, utility surveys, network control surveys, differential level surveys, residential and commercial platting, highway and bridge designs, land development, floodway studies, aerial

Surveys. Experience in inspection involving the placement and standards of utilities such as water, sanitary sewer,

storm, franchise utilities, gas, telephone, fiber, electric, aerial, and underground. Experience with operating

various instruments such as Trimble, Topcon, Leica, Dietzen, Wild, Nikon, Gurley, and K&E. Experience with various types of field and office software such as Trimble office, TDS, Foresight, Terramodel,  Autocad, and Carlson.

Field and office experience with data process and design features including QA/QC for final productions.

Topographic Survey

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